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Wind Farm on the California Coast? update

The first informational meeting took place in Morro Bay in 2015. After a pause caused by the U.S. Navy the initiative is inching forward. The timing is interesting considering PG&E has since announces the shutdown of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. While the potential output is likely not the same the wind farm can plug into the current power grid out of both Morro Bay and Diablo Canyon. It seems to have the capacity to power all households in San Luis Obispo County and then some. Also, new jobs may approximate jobs lost although it remains to be seen at what income level. Here is the local article from NBC affiliate KSBY kicking off the community feedback process.

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Wind Farm On California Coast?

Apparently as controversial as oil drilling and nuclear power, a proposal to explore a  project to harvest plentiful ocean wind has been halted for now by the navy. Those of us who live, play, work and visit the coast also use electricity. The messaging by leadership and opposition is confusing. We use increasing amounts of electricity yet the opposition seems to argue against every project (oil, nuclear, wind) including solar in the desert. Does it simply come down to profiteers who will always advocate for the source of their revenue against environmentalist who are energy users but say no to everything? It will be fascinating to go out another generation (twenty years) to see which direction West Coasters decide on. Plenty of drama is in store with this story! Read the New Times article about this restriction here: A summary of the Trident Morro Bay project as presented by Trident is here. A fair amount written in recent media has...
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Coastal access still an issue

By Todd R. Hansen,  Daily Republic November 25, 2016 FAIRFIELD — Forty years after Californians demanded more access to the ocean, getting to the beaches is still a problem. “Despite the (California) Coastal Act’s guarantee of access for all Californians, the poll found significant barriers remain,” Jon Christensen, lead investigator for the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability study, said in a statement released with the latest Field Poll. Sixty-two percent of voters polled indicated access to the coast and beaches is a problem. More...
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