About Us

California Coast Post is a hobby site that will note interesting dine and travel locations, as the author, family and friends experience them, intended for visitors planning a trip to a given area on the coast. 

In addition to dine and travel, CaliforniaCoastPost.com has compiled some content and continues to post information about the Coastal experience in California including big slow moving infrastructure projects and proposals. Snippets of the current experience, with slices of how we got here and where we are going are included. Coast Post attempts offer the local California coastal dweller or visitor insights and information that is more difficult to find or not readily apparent in general media or on the web. Gradually articles and posts will be sourced, indexed and searchable creating hopefully long term useful information and perspective. Sources will always be credited and linked to the original publisher.

CoastPost will not editorialize on controversial topics dealing with the political process, but rather attempt to simply link to source material that expresses multiple viewpoints on selected coastal topics for quick reference. In a era when we are all bombarded with information from all sources and vitriolic attacks on anyone whose viewpoint deviates from another’s, posts are intended to be big picture hopefully lending perspective and satisfying curiosity.

Finally, this post is published by a family rooted in California for a century as a small hobby enterprise. If you would like to contribute related content in the form of a column, images, video or blog post drop us a note. We would love to hear from you!


Steve Barth